HacKed By Zishan Rider

[#] Message to Admin : Hello and Asalam Alaikum Admin,Just i am a Security Reminder as i am not a Hacker and not a Pentester.

[#] Message to Islamic Brothers : Hello and Asalam Alaikum to World ,First of all I wanna say to that all my Islamic Brother sitting on Internet and Seeing my Deface Page.I wanna say to you all that Most of our Beloved Islamic Brothers are Patriotic.So Do Not be so Patriotic.

Secondly , I wanna say that Do not Fight in the name of Shia and Sunni,See All the Muslims as Islamic Brothers.

Third and the Last Message , Pray for All My Islamic Brothers Live and Pray for me too.

[#] Message to Shaitan : Hello to All Shaitan , No Message for you all Because you do not understand it.

[#] Greetz : Friends,Enemies and Admin You Too